What file format should I send my manuscript in?

MS Word is ideal (.DOCX format preferred, but not essential). The key thing is to ensure your book is 100% finalized, edited, proofread and error-free before you send it over to us.

My book is longer than 50,000 words and/or has loads of images – how much will it cost?

Please get in touch with us directly for a quote.

What about revisions?

We will do our best to fix absolutely every issue with your finished book to ensure you are 100% happy, whether it’s a formatting error or a typo – we will get it done. Currently, we have a limit of 2 revisions, so we do urge you to ensure the manuscript that is sent to us is 100% finished before sending it over.

I found some issues with the finished book. How do I get them fixed?

If you review your finished book and find any points that need to be amended, please send us a detailed list of any required revisions - including the locations of the changes - and we’ll get the updated files back to you ASAP.

KDP is throwing up error messages. It says there are issues with the margins – what do I do?

This type of error is generally due to a mis-match in the trim size on the PDF print file and the selected trim size on the KDP upload settings. In the Paperback Content tab under Print Options please make sure to select Bleed. 90% of the time this will resolve all of the errors.

What size do my images need to be and how do I submit them?

Images should be a minimum of 300dpi.